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A Road to Fossil Fuel Farming, an example and a challenge, is a personal story of how I came to know global warming as the greatest threat to life as we know it and the challenge to restore hope for the future of our grandkids, It is a book about taking a step back, taking a good look around and deciding we must do what we can to stop using fossil fuels and in the case of farmers, help sequester the excess CO2 from the atmosphere into the soil where it can sustain generations to come. It is a book that describes in detail, the example of using regenerative agriculture principles on our farm. I describe our cropping system, the crops, rotations, input options, economics
and even some options in terms of taking advantage of complimentary enterprises depending on your circumstances and opportunities. I don’t have everything figured out on the farm, but I do know where we are going. It is like putting a man on the moon, it is our Moon Shot. Launch date 2030. I encourage my fellow farmers to help me fill in the blanks as we prepare for launch. The book is a challenge to consumers, businesses, governments and other farmers, ranchers, forestry managers and even gardeners to build a fossil fuel free future. I list 22 suggestions for policy makers to tackle this crisis head on. These are big challenges to business as usual, but with hard work and dedication to the cause I believe our grandkids and their grandkids will have a good chance of a sustainable future. It is a bit like the pandemic but much worse. You can ignore Covid and if you are lucky, it may ignore you, You may chose to ignore global warming, but global warming will not ignore you. This book should give you the courage to start you on your own road to a fossil fuel
free world.

Paperback and Audiobook: A Road to Fossil Fuel Free Farming

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